Nima powerful dry food grinder

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● The electric stainless steel coffee spice grinder owns a unique design and classic style, which will increase enjoyments in your life.
● One button push control, easily operational , anti-leakage.
● Stable base, the base area of the fuselage is enlarged, stable and not shaky.
● Increase the capacity of the grinding chamber, the maximum weight of food in one grinding is less than 50g.
● It can grind a variety of ingredients, not only coffee beans, but also grind cereals, nuts, spices, ingredients, medicines, etc.
● You can give as a gift to your family and friends.


Material: Stainless Steel
Cover Material: ABS
Rated Power: 150W
Control: Push button
Capacity: less than 150g

Operating skills:
1. Pause for 1.2 seconds after grinding for 4-5 seconds, so after repeated grinding and so on, after almost grinding, you can continue to press and grind (the size of ingredients is controlled within the size of nuts, and the size of nuts is easily get stuck in the long strip (In the form of medicinal herbs, cut into small Ding and let people grind).
2. The crushing capacity is best at about 150 grams. The most suitable is that too much ingredients cover the blade. If it is too heavy, the grinding effect will be too bad. If it is too little, the blade cannot touch the ingredients and cannot be effectively ground.
3. If there are few ingredients, you can use the machine to tilt and play (reducing the first powdering capacity is generally better after continuing to polish)

1. For foods such as nuts, walnuts, almonds, soybeans, etc., because they are rich in oil, easily attach the blade and the wall of the cup during processing, and the crushing effect is not good. Please roast in advance. Better processing after cooked
2. In order to ensure the service life of the product, when processing foods rich in beans, please do not grind too long, so as to prevent the abrasives from adhering to the cutter assembly, resulting in the motor idling.
3. After grinding, there is a strong smell of foods such as chili, pepper and other spices. Please clean them immediately with a clean brush or towel to avoid odor.
4. The maximum grinding amount each time means that the weight of the food can not exceed 50 grams at a time.
5. Grinding time: working ≤1 minute, rest interval ≥1 minute, after 3 consecutive use, stop and cool. (Avoid damage to internal motors and components due to overheating caused by long-time running at high speed)
6. It is better to stir-fry the ingredients or bake them.

Cleaning and maintenance:
1. Please unplug before cleaning
2. Use a clean brush to clean the debris inside the steel cup assembly
Note: Never immerse the body in water for cleaning
3. Please wipe the outer part with a damp cloth, if there is dirt, please wipe it with a cloth and a neutral cleaning solution
Note: Do not use volatile cleaners to wipe, so as not to damage the appearance
4. The cutter assembly in the steel cup is lubricated, please do not add any lubricant

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Nima powerful dry food grinder

790.001,150.00 (-31%)

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